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The Birth of Our Mission to Banish Hunger in Nigeria

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Banish Hunger Nigeria Humanitarian Initiative is an idea conceived and birthed based on the experience of my humble formative years in a suburban neighbourhood of Oke Are in Ibadan, Oyo State-Nigeria. Despite having become moderately comfortable now, I still couldn't shrug away my past life experience with poverty and hunger as I keep having this constant reminder of how debilitating poverty and hunger could be and the need to do something to help the poor and the needy fight hunger. I was born into a family whose members experienced both riches and poverty just like many Nigerians of my age born in the 70's. There were nights members of my family went to bed with stuffed stomachs and there were nights pangs of hunger kept us awake and that was often exacerbated by lack of hope for food the next mornings.

Also, during Ramadan of 2016, the United Nations for Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF) launched an app called ‘ShareTheMeal’ to raise money to provide the much-needed food to indigent children across the poorest communities of the world. An IDP camp in Northern Nigeria was one of the chosen locations for beneficiaries of the project. So, I decided to support that UNICEF initiative by downloading the app and sharing the campaign within my communities in Qatar and Nigeria. I was able to raise some decent amount for the project then. It was after the UNICEF experience that the idea for Banish Hunger Nigeria Humanitarian Initiative was birthed. Meanwhile, long before 2016 and until now, (to the glory of the Almighty), I have been single-handedly supporting some poor families in Nigeria within my little resources. However, with the unabated downward trend in Nigeria’s economy that has continued to cripple the incomes of many families, a lot more and more people are going hungry. The requests for help due to starvation continue to flow in at an alarming rate and way beyond what I can personally handle any further. So, I began to perceive the enormity of personally funding the initiative and also discovered it's unrealistic and non-sustainable for me. I believe a lot of Nigerians in the diaspora can relate to this. So, for this reason and in addition to my personal experience with real hunger and starvation, I decided to invite some well-meaning Nigerians to support me in sustaining the initiative through crowdfunding. We later officially launched the initiative on 26 July 2021 after our incorporation at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria with Registration Number 164418. A management committee was formed and we commissioned project coordinators (PCs) across 22 States (including Abuja FCT) in Nigeria. The PCs are under the Chief Project Coordinator, Ustaadh Mahmoud Najim Lanre Mahmoud (Asalato - student of knowledge) - a highly committed humanitarian and a dedicated personality to the plight of the poor and the needy (may the Almighty reward him with goodness).

On behalf of the Management Committee of Banish Hunger Nigeria Humanitarian Initiative comprising myself, Ustaadh Mahmoud, a specialised teacher, Ms. Aminah Ojetola, a health psychologist and SEN educator per excellence and Mrs. Aisha Oyinlomo Oritola, a highly charitable community social worker, will like to invite you all to join us as we embark on this ambitious journey of seeing an end to hunger among indigent youths and entrepreneurs because we strongly believe that through all concerted efforts, we can stamp out hunger and make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate across communities in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Follow @banish_hunger on Instagram for updates about our projects and beneficiaries and check to learn more and how to support our projects. In addition, catch up with all of us @ceoroving; @callmeokiki; @aisha_skitchenette: @abuyahyah26 on Instagram as well.

You can also donate to support our cause.

Please feel free to comment below and ask any questions about the initiative.

Hope can, and will, banish hunger!

Noimot Omolara Olayiwola

Initiator and Chairperson

Banish Hunger Nigeria Humanitarian Initiative

© December 2021

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