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Our Beneficiaries


First Cohort Business Grants Beneficiaries


Mrs. Abdulqadri, a mother of seven and a tailor from Ilorin, Kwara State received our grant of 70,000 Naira (around $170) to procure this sewing machine and buy some materials for stitching hijabs, jilbabs, niqabs and gloves.

She also received two months food baskets to ensure her business stabilises before she starts spending money on essentials.



Mrs. Oyebode from Ilorin, Kwara State was struggling to feed her four children after her husband lost his job. We heard about her struggles and granted her 50,000 (around $120) to start a mini foodstuff business.


We also supported her with food baskets for two months to ensure that her business stabilises before she starts spending money on essentials.




Mrs Adebayo is a resident of Ogbomosho in Oyo State, Nigeria. A mother of five children whose husband has no job to support. She applied for a 50,000 Naira ($120) grant to set up a mini business of selling fresh eggs.

We also supported her with food baskets for two months to ensure that her business stabilises before she starts spending money on essentials.



When Mr. Oyebode, a father of four from Kwara State, Nigeria, lost his job, his wife, who was a petty trader became the soul breadwinner and it was very difficult for her to cope. She got to know about our grant scheme and we awarded her 60,000 Naira ($146+) to boost her palm oil business. She also received food baskets for two months to prevent her from immediate spending of her seeds money on daily essentials.

The family is now able to feed moderately while Mrs. Oyebode nurtures her business and hopes that her husband gets a new job soon.



When Ms. Rahemat from Lagos State, Nigeria, got married, little did she know that she'll be widowed at the tender age of 21 years! Though she was devastated by the death of her husband, she was resilient and determined to fend for herself especially when she was unable to return to her family immediately. Someone that knew about her plight contacted us at and we rose to the occasion by granting her 50,000 Naira ($120) to set up a mini home-based foodstuff sale business. We also gave her two month food baskets to support her further. Her petty business is doing fine and she is able to feed herself decent meals a day.

There’s no doubt that microfinance is vital to the survival of entrepreneurs especially in societies like Nigeria. As without microfinance, vulnerable entrepreneurs may have to resort to using risky loans or payday advances with extremely high interest rates or even borrow money from family and friends. Microfinance helps them invest in their businesses and skills, as a result, invest in themselves. Also, majority of Nigerians including SME business owners and entrepreneurs are going through a lot already and we won’t want to add to their pressure. This is why our focus is on mini and micro entrepreneurs as well as business men and women. We offer them 'microfinance with no strings attached', meaning they don't have to pay us back but they are encouraged to pay our kind gesture forward by joining our movement of volunteer donors.

Second Cohort Business Grants Beneficiaries



Mrs. Momoh from Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, a mother of four with no supportive husband, is able to put food on the table for her family through her resilience and determination which got a boost after she received our entrepreneurial business grant of 50,000 ($120). This has enabled her upgrade her mini business of foodstuffs buying and selling.

We also granted her food basket to avoid immediate spending of her seed money on daily essentials.



Hajia Aminatu is a 58-years-old widow from Edo State, Nigeria, who was struggling to put food on the table for her six children as observed by our Edo State Project Coordinator when she was conducting the verification exercise with her as one of our grants applicants.

We rose to the occasion and supported her with 50,000 Naira ($120) entrepreneurial business grant to procure sacks of groundnuts for retailing. Her business is currently running smoothly and she is steadily banishing hunger from her home. We also granted her food basket to avoid immediate spending of her seed money on daily essentials.



Hajia Aisha - a single mother of five children from Ishagamu in Ogun State, Nigeria has been struggling to feed her children, leaving from hand to mouth until she heard about our initiative. We have since supported her with 60,000 Naira ($145+) to start a mini business of buying and selling of footwears.

She also received two months food baskets to support her further. May God bless the business for her.



Third Cohort Business Grants Beneficiaries


Hajia Nuseerah, a mother of five from Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigeria is a talented innovative entrepreneur who makes cool bag designs out of fabrics. Her business just got a boost with a N50,000 ($120) grant from our initiative. The grant enables her to make bags, including school bags and baby bags for sale, so she can put food on the table for herself and her children.

We also supported her with food baskets containing staple Nigerian foods like rice, beans, garri and semolina.



Fifty-years-old Hajia Faousat, a mother of six from Oyo State  has been struggling to survive due to lack of initial capital to smoothly run her petty foodstuff trading business. She has received our grant of N60,000 ($146) to boost the business and we hope she'll be able to feed herself and her children. 

She is also a beneficiary of our food baskets to prevent her from immediate spending of the capital on daily essentials.



Forty-five-years-old Mr. Kenny is an Oyo State based innovative entrepreneur who has skills in leather shoes making but was unable to utilise his skills due to lack of financial resources to purchase raw materials. We supported him with a grant of N50,000 ($120). He was also awarded a food basket to ensure he feeds his family while hoping for his business to flourish.




Fifty-five-years old hajia Hauwa, a widow from Kano State didn't know what to do after she lost her husband, who has been supporting her and their two children. We granted her N60,000 ($146) to start a petty business of soft drinks and coconuts. 

We also supported her with a food basket of staple Nigerian foods.

Hunger is not only lack of food but also lack of hope for food. All that an indigent family always asks for is at least a plate of meal on their table every day. Our food baskets beneficiaries from across different States in Nigeria, are very grateful to all those who are donating to support our initiative. You also deserve their prayers. Make a donation today.

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Fourth Cohort Business Grants Beneficiaries

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Eight new beneficiaries across five states in Nigeria – Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Edo and Oyo have been awarded our ‘microfinance with no strings attached’ making the 4th cohort of those that we have so far supported to set up mini and micro businesses in fashion designing, nylon making, retailing of fresh vegetables, foodstuffs and everyday provisions in addition to selling of materials for stitching hijabs, jilbabs and niqabs.

You can read the story of each of the 4th cohort beneficiaries on our Instagram page @banish_hungerng and follow us to learn more about how we are achieving our mission to banish hunger among indigent youths and communities across Nigeria.


You can also be a part of our success stories by donating one-off or becoming a monthly donor in order to support more youth entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Check our donation page for our bank details.

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